Wixie – Forest
A subscription to Wixie will allow students to access creative publishing options on any web device.

LMC Maker Space Materials – Cumberland
Students will learn about circuits and build simple machines within curriculum guidelines.

Architectural Boat Tour - North
Fifth grade students will go on a architectural boat tour as a culminating activity to their unit that focuses on art, architecture, and architects.

Camp Duncan Field Trip – Terrace
Students learn about nature and participate in STEM group activities.

Photography Club – Algonquin.
Additional cameras and printing supplies will be purchased so that students have a project to take with them at the end of the program.

Outdoor Education – Orchard Place
Fifth grade students will attend a two-day educational program at the Ingleside YMCA.

Ukulele Mania – Plainfield
Ten ukuleles will be purchased to increase the number of ukuleles available to students in grades second through fifth.

Project Pioneer – North
Fifth grade students will experience pioneer life through demonstrations and hands-on activities at the Grove.

A Guitar For All – Iroquois
The music department will purchase 6 guitars.

Plainfield Future Problem Solvers – Plainfield
Students will participate in an internationally based program that promotes critical thinking, writing, reading, and developing a vision of the future.

Group Mentoring – Plainfield
Students that need additional guidance in achieving their optimal performance academically, behaviorally and socially, will be mentored for ten weeks during an after school club.

Yoga For Life – Iroquois
A certified yoga instructor will spend the day teaching students about yoga, benefits, and how to live a healthy life.

Support For History Club – Algonquin
Entrance fee for the Algonquin History Club to compete in the Chicago History Fair.

Fifth Grade Reading Materials – North
National Geographic Ladders reading materials will be purchased for students.

Sew What’s Cooking – Algonquin
An after school activity where students learn to cook, sew, and be creative while making friends and socializing.

Taking Technology To The Next Level – North
Purchase additional apps that will help kindergarten students create stories.

Meet Osmo – Orchard Place
Students will benefit from the use of Osmo, an interactive learning device that works with an iPad to create an interactive hands-on learning space.

Social Emotional Growth – Cumberland
Students in the special needs Kindergarten will benefit from materials purchased to promote social- emotional growth.

Field Trip Experiences – North
Students will attend the Adler Planetarium, The Metropolis Theater, and the Lizzadro museum of Lapidary Art.

Figurenotes Musical Support – Cumberland
Special needs students will be able to engage and learn more in their music class with the use of icons, colors, and charts.

Topographical Maps – Cumberland
Fourth grade students will create a topographical maps of the United States using Model Magic, which is a self-hardening nontoxic modeling compound.

Minute To Win It – Algonquin
An eighth grade end-of-the year event with fun activities as a way to celebrate graduation.

Comparing Communities – North
Students will visit the Naper settlement to learn about life and challenges back in the early years of our country.

Uke Can Do It – North
Purchase an additional 20 ukuleles to enhance the music program.

Elephant And Piggie Are In A Play – Orchard Place
First graders will see a play and then compare/contrast the play and the book.

Kindergarten Mentor Texts Spanish/English – North
The kindergarten team will purchase books, the same titles in Spanish and English, to improve reading and literacy in their classes.

Storyworks – Forest
Fourth grade students will have a subscription to Storyworks magazine which would help balance core literacy skills.

AMS Summer Reading Program – Algonquin
Students and staff will participate in reading and writing activities that involve titles from the Caudill selections.

Expanding Horizons, Building Bridges – Orchard Place
Special needs students and one family member per student, will attend a children’s theater production at De Paul.

Zoo Field Trip – North
Kindergarten students will attend a second field trip to the zoo or one of the museums.

Community Service Learning Project – Algonquin
Seventh grade students will participate in a day of service. There are several projects students can participate in based on their interests and how they wish to give back to the community.

Volo Auto Museum – North
Fourth grade students will study the American automobile and the impact of the auto industry on the economy, climate, and the growth of technologies.

Reading Buddies – Plainfield
Purchase reading materials and storage containers for a project where third grade students work with volunteers from the community.

Scholastic News – Forest
Second grade students will benefit from a subscription to Scholastic news.

Real Or Fairy Tale – Orchard Place
Second grade students will study the difference between folk tales and fairy tales. The culminating activity will be a field trip to a live performance of Cinderella.

#1 Pi Day – Algonquin
Students will hold a school wide day of activities centered on the number 3.14, also known as Pi.

Flexible Seating In First – Iroquois
Hokki stools will be purchased for use in first grade, allowing for student movement and improved focus.

Enhancing Engagement In Small Groups – Central
Third grader students will benefit from a Pen Pack Math program.

Differentiated Support For Movement – Iroquois
All kindergarteners will benefit from the use of Hokki stools. These stools allow students to learn in a less restrictive environment and students can move while learning.

Welcome To North – North
Any new student entering North school beginning in October will be given a welcome gift that will provide the new student with essential school items.

Happy Feet – Plainfield
Happy Feet is a walking/running club for third, forth and fifth grade students that promotes healthy life habits.